The 10 Most Dangerous Boroughs in London

Crime in London

At the moment London appears to be hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons. It seems like barely a day goes by without news of another murder in the UK’s capital city. A quick look at the statistics* show that this is a real trend and it is serious violent crime that are on the … Read more

The Deadliest Wars of the Modern Era

World War II

War seems to have been around pretty much since the dawn of humanity. Despite there not being as many people and weapons being far less efficient at killing people death tolls still managed to creep into the millions. But then in those days wars went on for decades, if not centuries. Since the advent of mechanized and long-range weaponry … Read more

Most Dangerous Cities in the World – 2019

Slums in Caracas Venezuela

If I was to create a bucket list of places never to go then this list would probably make a good starting point. It has to be said the cities listed do not represent the last word in the most dangerous places on Earth as a number of criteria were used in choosing them. The research only considered … Read more

Worst Natural Disasters by Type

Wildfire / bushfire

Whilst man has proved very effective at killing himself there is still some healthy competition from Mother Nature. The natural world contain any number of potentially deadly animals but the effects of all these put together are almost insignificant when planet Earth itself turns against us. With the exception of war and epidemics nothing kills in numbers … Read more

The Most Devastating Tsunamis in History


In the modern world there is sometimes a complacency that we have somehow conquered nature. This belief can be destroyed in moments when the planet reminds us this is not the case, and in the most brutal ways. Of all these tsunamis are one of the most terrifying and devastating of all natural disasters. The terms … Read more

The 10 Deadliest Viruses

Hepatitis C virus

So, what is the deadliest virus on Earth? You’d think this might be an easy enough question to answer but it turns out there is more than one way to define deadliest. For instance is it the virus that kills the most people overall (death rate); or is it the disease that has the highest case … Read more

Most disgusting human parasites

New World Screw-Worm Fly larva

For the majority of us reading this a brush with a parasite will be a fairly unremarkable episode. Hey, we’ve all had head lice, fleas and the odd case of worms – oh, maybe that’s just me. The point is these are generally just an irritation and not much more. The collection of human parasites I’ve … Read more

Most Dangerous Allergies

Peanut allergy

For an ever increasing number of us allergies are an annoying and often unpleasant fact of life. Come spring and summer it’s time to break out the tissues and medications, or for the even less fortunate the scratching and sneezing might be an all year thing. However, for a small but significant percentage of the … Read more

10 Most Infamous Suicide Spots in the World

Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge

Each year somewhere in the region of a million people take their own life. The only consolation to this tragic figure is that the vast majority who attempt suicide do not succeed. Statistically the number of deaths at these locations is fairly miniscule compared to the overall figure. Nearly all the suicide spots below involve jumping … Read more

10 of the Most Dangerous Drugs

Crystal meth

There have been any number of studies on what might be the world’s most dangerous drugs over the years. A problem many of these have is they focus on only one aspect of what makes any particular drug harmful. For example, how much damage to society does it cause, is it dangerous in the long term … Read more