Philippines Shark attacks

59 attacks recorded
Philippines shark attacks
Date Region Location Fatal?
Mar 10th 2013 Palawan Off Likas Island N
Jul 30th 2011 N
Apr 20th 2009 Batangas province Mabini N
Nov 25th 2008 Batanes Provine Luzon Strait N
Nov 6th 2008 Luzon off Paoay, Ilocos Norte Province Y
Sep 30th 2007 Palawan Off Cagayancillo Y
Nov 25th 2006 Surigao del Norte Off Bilisan Point, Hinatuarn Island N
May 1st 2003 Baatan Limay N
May 18th 2001 Zamboanga del Sur Province N
Oct 24th 1988 Viscayan Sea N
Dec 20th 1987 Mindoro Off Manila N
Nov 21st 1983 Central Philippines Off Mindanao N
Apr 22nd 1980 Maestre de Campo, 120 miles south of Manila Y
Mar 15th 1980 250 miles southwest of Manila Y
Luzon Y
Jun 1st 1970 200 nm southeast of Manila N
Oct 10th 1968 Moro Gulf N
Nov 4th 1967 Off Sibuyan Island N
May 16th 1966 Off Cebu N
Aug 30th 1965 Grounded off Scarborough Shoals, 150 miles northwest of Manila in the South China Sea N
May 14th 1963 Luzon Island 100 miles southeast of Manila N
Oct 17th 1961 Western Luzon Island Manila Bay N
Jun 5th 1960 Corregidor Island Y
Apr 1st 1960 Luzon Island Bataan Y
Dec 19th 1959 Masbate Balud N
Sep 30th 1959 Leyte Island Luang Dulag N
Aug 20th 1959 North Palawan Cabuli Island N
Aug 14th 1959 Queaon Between Unisan & Angadanan Islands N
Mar 8th 1959 Mindanao Mouth of Langoyan River, Davao City Y
Sep 27th 1953 Luzon Island Bohol Y
Jul 30th 1945 In transit between Tinian and Leyte 200 miles Leyte N
300 miles east of Luzon USS Hull DD-350 was one of 3 destroyers that capsized in Typhoon Cobra N
Oct 26th 1944 N
Oct 26th 1944 Bernardino Strait near Gulf of Leyte Y
Oct 25th 1944 Off Samar Island in the Gulf of Leyte N
Oct 25th 1944 Off Cape Engano N
Camiguin Island 2 kilometres off Sagay Y
Apr 16th 1932 Manila Fort Mills Y
Apr 16th 1932 Manila Fort Mills Y
Feb 8th 1932 Manila Fort Mills Y
May 28th 1927 Luzon Island Bondoc Peninsula N
Manila Bay Fort Drum Y
Aug 28th 1921 Luzon Island Fort Frank, Manila Bay Y
Cavite Province, Luzon N
Nov 4th 1920 Leyte Y
May 31st 1917 Luzon Island Canacao Bay Y
Sep 24th 2020 Luzon Island Polinao Point, Manila N
Feb 9th 1907 Luzon Island Manila Bay N
Aug 1st 1905 Luzon Island Manila Bay N

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