How Dangerous are American Alligators? And Other Alligator Facts

American Alligator

To a large extent man is master of his environment and the likelihood of being attacked, let alone eaten, by a wild animal is pretty slim. This is certainly true of the developed world, and no more so than the U.S. Yet there are still a few creatures that rule their domain, even in America, … Read more

Candiru – The fish that can swim up your penis?

Candiru picture

Imagine the situation – you are taking an evening dip in the Amazon River (for some unknown reason?!). Suddenly you feel it. A strange wiggling sensation inside the “old chap” followed by an excruciatingly intense pain. What has just happened is you have been the victim of a candiru attack. Also known as the toothpick or vampire … Read more

Black Bear attacks

American black bear

The American black bear (Ursus americanus) is one of three species of bear found in North America, the others being the polar bear and brown bear. It is the most widely distributed of these species found from the north of Florida right up through Canada and into Alaska. Although far from being rare black bears tend to actively … Read more

The Most Venomous Animals in the World

Blue-Ringed Octopus

It seems that our fears of animals are based around two main themes; there are those with the big pointy teeth that are just looking for an excuse to eat us alive and there are those that, whilst seemingly innocuous, pack a secret weapon so deadly that half the world seem to have a phobia … Read more

The Biggest Big Cat – Ever

Siberian tiger

As the name suggests, big cats are, well big cats! But which of all the cats is the biggest? And what was the biggest cat ever to stalk the Earth? First of all let’s define what a big cat is. We’re not talking about Mr Tibbles, next door’s tabby who’s eaten too much Kitty-Nibbles! There … Read more

Wolverine Facts (or can a wolverine kill a man?)

wolverine - gulo gulo

Appearing more like a small bear, the wolverine is in fact more of a weasel on steroids. This stocky little beast is the stuff of legends. Along with a voracious appetite it has a reputation for unmatched ferocity and apparently fears nothing. Pound for pound few other animals can match the wolverine for strength or … Read more

Sydney Funnel Web Spider Facts

Sydney funnel-web spider

The Sydney funnel web spider (Atrax robustus) is widely regarded as the most dangerous spider in Australia, if not the World. It is actually responsible for many less bites than the also notorious redback spider. However, whilst both are potentially lethal the funnel web has a stronger venom which it is much more capable of … Read more

Bull Shark Facts

Dead bull shark

The bulls shark (Carcharhinus leucas) is considered by many to be the most dangerous shark to humans on the planet. So why does it not have quite such a notorious rep as its cousins, the more great white and tiger sharks? Well, read on and we might just be able to change your minds. Common name … Read more